SP600 Led Poster: Made in India

SP600 – Indoor and Outdoor LED solution

This is the best selling indoor LED product of Sparrow Devices which fits most of the indoor requirements. Since Sparrow indoor screens are made up of modular LED tiles, we are capable of offering any required size of the Display to fit any indoor display requirements.

  • Promote your business by showcasing all your products using digital multimedia display at your showrooms
  • Increase footfall by publicizing your products using attractive LED display

Sparrow Devices introduces SP600, a display product specifically crafted to meet the display, advertizing, and marketing requirements of shopping malls, markets, airports, petrol pumps, schools, colleges, offices, and event companies.

SP600 delivers sharp and bright images and text at the brightness of as high as 3800 NITS, enabling you to display images even when the ambient light intensity is high.

Intensity Control feature enables strain-free viewing at all times and delivers the images adjusted to ambient light, which provides strain-free viewing at all times.

SP600 is a perfect solution to showcase ALL your products at your showrooms and stay ahead of your competition in these competitive times.

Made from SMD 3-in-1 tricolor LED chips with an indigenized controller, SP600 offers offline mode of display without the requirement of a PC or laptop. Once the data is saved to the SD card, the device runs on its own without any intervention required. The refresh rate is as high as 1300Hz, which is best suited to run images, text and animations.

Its size of 960x768mm, pitch pixel of 6mm and portability makes it the best solution for digital display with short viewing distance.


Business Promotion

  • Promote your business by showcasing all your products using digital multimedia display at your showrooms
  • Compact Size screen can be installed even in very limited space

Digital Marketing Solution

  • Give away with obsolete flex based marketing material
  • Market your products and solutions using Digital Multimedia Display Solution
  • Change the content of your marketing material within seconds
  • Give away with hassles of flex printing


  • Do away with less bright LCDs and clumsy pin-up boards
  • Images presentation and text can be displayed at entrance of the event
  • Eye catching even far away from venue

Technical Specifications

Size: 960 mm x 768 mm

  • Easy to Operate
  • USB Plug and Play Device

Resolution: 160x128 pixels

  • Operable as a normal MSD cards

Pitch pixel: P6 (6mm)

  • Data storage on Micro SD cards

Brightness: 1500 ~ 3800 nits (Cd/m2)

  • Storage Capacity of upto 32 GB

Power supply: 220V, 5A

  • Based on 50 MIPS Silicon Labs Processor

Power consumption: 0.4KWh (average)

  • Life time: >100000 hrs

Comes with a Software to create your multimedia content

  • Working temperature: (-20℃)~(50℃)